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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This I Know

  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the teachings of Jesus Christ, as given to us in the Christian bible, are the ultimate truth. I also know that the teachings of Vishnu, Gatama Buddha, the Upanishads and many other “paths” to so-called enlightenment are also true.
  I know that to “love thy neighbor as thyself” and to “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” is the right way. I know that if humanity could live according to these tenets there would be peace. There would be understanding where there is hate. Our ignorance would fade and our hearts would open to an existence that gives all comfort and assurance.
  I don’t know why we choose instead to judge. I don’t know why we fight and live in fear of one another. I do not know why countries wage war rather than peace. One could say that we would only protect ourselves from the sword of others. I have learned in this life that if I “live by the sword I will only “die” by the sword. I know that I have died many “deaths” at the hand of my fear.
  I do not know why even today, if threatened, I am ready and willing for combat. Even though I believe as Christ taught us to believe, I fall woefully short. I see countries destroying one another and know the answer to their plight. I watch as genocide erases the lives and culture of innocent people and I do not know why the perpetrators cannot see the damage they do to themselves.
   I believe that through Jesus Christ we can have everlasting life. I do not know what happens to those who do not believe this. I only know that Christ taught us “all are welcome at the table.”
    The only thing I really know is that the scope of what I don’t know is infinite.  How can I judge the beliefs and paths of others from this place of not knowing? How can anyone judge much less attack someone for believing differently? We can only pray for the salvation of all who breathe. We can only treat each other with love and respect. One day, this I do know, Christ will come and he will tell us. One day we will know everything.  On that day we will finally realize that all that mattered was that we lived his will as best we understood it and what we knew or didn’t know did not make a whole lot of difference. I will search anyway because I need to. I’ve got a feeling that in the end it will be the searching that mattered.

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