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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Battle Never Won

When our young fall in
battle never to rise again,
can we see their grieving
loved ones, striving to begin
loving instead of mourning,
Each breath a sorrow’s paean?
Always to remember,
never to rise again.

After the flag is folded,
when we turn and walk away,
do we carry the burden lightly,
or see them when we pray …
The children who have no father,
the wives in their lonely beds,
parents with souls dismembered,
existence wrapped in dread?

When we hear “Taps” played
Slowly. Three shots ring crisp and clear.
Can we make ourselves remember,
the family wrapped in fear?
Broken they’ve ceased dancing.
Their war has just begun.
Can we hold them close, embracing,
The battle never won?

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