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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Standing Over the Marsh

The roar of rolling waves is like distant traffic on this balmy morn.
Sunrise clouds, a nuclear mushroom billowing from earth’s bowels.
Black bird flaps towards me delivering his message of my calling.
The egret’s pure white wings slow motion whips rising over the green haired marsh of earth and mirror black water,
Weathered wooden walkway reaches into the distant trees.
Sea decay wafts, not unpleasant through my brain.
 I can feel in my gut the pollution filtering through the mud and reed.
I stand grateful over this delicate balance ... nature at work.
Near silence rests here but for the distant rumble of ever rolling waves licking at our illusory bastion of solidity
They permeate my mind’s eye, milking the sand.
Lush green truth, eternal, waiting buxom, reeds of life, feed all God’s creatures.
Sun’s light casts reflection and shadow that speak to our bashful psyche that is hiding like a petulant child behind the skirts of Mother Earth.
A community of marsh crab with overdeveloped pinchers like some super hero tennis players lurch about in this times square of mud … holy feces enriching our lives.
I was born here upon the sea and marsh and to them I will always return ... 
as the crow caws me home. 

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