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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

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  I see you lying there in your own blood wondering why and I know. You went to war. Old men decided there was no other way … so you left your fields and stoops.  You took a gun and joined your fellows.

  War … man’s inability to coexist,

  War … stealer of youth,

  Whore of uncontrolled desire that sets men against men in horrible struggle when all any would do is feed the children.

  War … the hateful remnant of a tear stained letter resting soaked in your garment as you lie there dying.

  Rest and leave your weary heart upon this earth that we might raise it in tribute to your sacrifice.

  War and remembrance must be forever intertwined. Should we forget we will all lie bleeding. Though “thank you” be so little to say to you and all your loved ones we can only bow our heads in gratitude.

  Would that your gift instill in us the desire to wage peace rather than …

 Rest in the peace that we could not sustain and know ... We remember.

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