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Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Sailor Once

I was a sailor once, upon the sea,
Gazed on horizon, examined me.
Rising storms embraced the roll,
Teeming water, held my soul.

I hammered and climbed, reached
And pulled and leaned into the wind.
Lifted, shouted, hauled and swung,
Bold heart to windward bend.

I was a sailor once, dolphins at the bow.
Albatross soared the wake we’d plow.
Spraying salt would pervade my breath,
Reflected moon spoke watery death.

I was a sailor once, far. far away.
A sailor once, red sky at day,
A sailor once, no sight of land
A sailor once upon God’s hand.

Foreign ports and narrow eyes,
Piercing doubt, mischievous lies.
A sailor once, I rode the sea.

A sailor once ... will always be.

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