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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Past Heaven

Peering out the window
I see the cars go by.
How much of all the chaos,
Really matters why?

Folks hurry along worried,
Racing to feed the maw,
Losing all their reason,
Sprinting for a fall.

It will not fail to trip them,
Even as they try.
Laughter only fools them.
Pain just makes them cry.

On the other side of heaven
Is a world where we can go,
If only we could travel,
Without the need to know

A map or way confusing,
A road to travel by.
Dissolve and lose the losing
Cast off the human lie.

Deeper I must fathom,
For narrow path beyond.
Light beckons from ether,
Word belongs to song.

There’s money, trial and worry.
There’s birth and death and pain.
But in the end what matters
Is a poet’s lone refrain.

If peace could flow like river,
We’d flow away to grace.
The sound would only sooth us,
 soften  the angry face.

So listen while you’re gazing
 and maybe you will hear,
The sound of lonely heartbeats,
The splash of falling tears.

Hold fast dear beloved,
This place will wash away
And then you’ll know past heaven
Where we might rest and stay.

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