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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last Night

Last night we sat in the glow of the screen
 Being together, resting on our recliner
Of pain watching apes grow smarter as
Humanity wallowed in its ignorant science.

Ever glancing at his strained countenance
I worried for his future in silence.
 He’ll not tell us when his stomach boils
And the blood drains into his toes.

He’ll only persevere as the hatefulness
Breeds and he searches for strength.
No salve will heal this blood wounded
Place of nagging body betrayal.

 The note from his mother laying on the
 stark white tile of the kitchen says,
 “He got sick on the floor outside
 the bathroom after you went to sleep.”

Guilt lies under every rug in this
House of doubt. Each day we climb
Further into the unknown, praying
For a respite that eludes our grasp.

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