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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Reflection on "Tin Soldiers"

 My heart is breaking in this moment. Crosby, Still, Nash and Young wail, “Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground.” I see my son bald and hobbling on his crutches by the Viet Nam veteran’s memorial. The black wall reflects his pale struggle. His face stern, determined yet washed in misery. The orphanage rests on the hill across the lawn and hedges.

  Rise up America and protest the injustice of war. Cease to live the lie that imprisons our love. Save the children you can. Plenty are suffering without our lashing out at those who would breathe different air; might believe other than we believe.

  Let us embrace all men in the blanket of peace and tolerance. We can be strong without war. We can use the power that is a gift of the Higher Power who I chose to call God to heal all mankind. We can move into this century with a new perspective. War against injustice. War against intolerance. Make peace with your fellow man.

  How easily we forget ...

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