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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Coming Gray

Winter is like the unveiling of a

masterpiece. We see revealed in the

uncovered distance, a world of light and

form. We must not hurry our gaze or

the secrets will remain hidden.

Looking thoughtfully through 

thin silhouettes of bark and limbs

I become aware of the private places

that rested behind the verdant

explosion of warmer seasons.

Each falling leaf exposes another

life’s breath. Once, I rued the coming

gray, anxious for warmth’s

protection. Now nature’s painting

speaks to me of winter’s truth.

I have become glad of the withering

with knowledge that the universe

awaits my viewing. I have

discovered the ringing harmony

of grieving song.

My steps fall softly on the

moist bed of yesterday’s

dreams and I am grateful

for the heat of slanting sun

through the window.

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