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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Stained glass,
Peace white dove in flight, bright star
beckoning. Crown of tormenting thorns.
Shrouded crucifix, shadow of sacrifice, the
ark lumbers or’ fathomless depths, onward toward humanity.
 Nourishing sheaf of wheat. Kingdom crown, flesh white lilies, eternal
blue, vaulted sky, scudding cirrus, painted by the hands of
craftsmen.  Stainless and majestic organ pipes
stand clarion above innocent white gowns, knowing black robes, scrubbed and glowing faces.  A solitary cane
rests … leaning in a corner. Yellow morning light bathes congregant heads
bowed in humility.  Renewed hearts join. Faithful gathering place. There …
the cross … forever living by the hand of God and in the hearts of humankind.

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